Absences refer to the various reasons that justify an employee being away from work. Each absence must be unique.


A/L -> Annual Leave

S/L-> Sick Leave

OIL-> Time Off In Lieu etc.

Absences are measured either in Days or Time


New Absence

Title: Enter the name of the absence. Mandatory. i.e. Annual Leave. 

Absence Type: Enter the short title of the absence. Mandatory. i.e. A/L . 

Measure Unit: How the absence is measured i.e. in Days or in Hours_minutes. If you wish to measure Annual Leave that could be measured in days (1st option - days) by if you wish to measure a 2-hour absence from work that would be measured in minutes = 120 (2nd option - Hours_minutes).

Content : Enter text to describe the Absence. Not Mandatory.

Status : Select Whether status is Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.

Category : Absences -> Default Value that can change.

Featured : Select whether Featured or not

Access : Select whether Access is Public, Special etc.


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