Employee Approvers are the company employees who are authorized to approve an absence application. The administrator may enter up to 5 approvers for each employee and each absence type.


New Employee Approvers


Employee_name : Enter the Employee. Mandatory.

Absence Type : Enter the Absence Type. Mandatory.

1st  Approver : Select the first Approver. Mandatory.

2nd Approver : Enter the second Approver. Not Mandatory.

3rd Approver : Enter the third Approver. Not Mandatory.

4th Approver : Enter the forth Approver. Not Mandatory.

5th Approver : Enter the fifth Approver. Not Mandatory.

Content : Enter text to describe the Employee Approvers. Not Mandatory.

Status : Select Whether status is Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.

Category : Employee Approvers -> Default Value that can change.

Featured : Select whether Featured or not

Access : Select whether Access is Public, Special etc.


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