Employee attendance refers to the recording of employee login and logout.

Normally, login and logout takes place in the frontend. The backend is used by the administrator in case an employee fails to record login and/or logout for any reason. Frontend logins/logouts have an unpublished status.


Employee : Select an Employee from the drop-down list. Mandatory.

Log In : Enter the Log In. Mandatory. Format is yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM. 

Log Out : Enter the Log Out. Mandatory. Format is yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM. 

Content : Enter text to describe the Employee Attendance. Not Mandatory.

Status : Select Whether status is Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.

Category : Attendance of Employees -> Default Value that can change.

Featured : Select whether Featured or not

Access : Select whether Access is Public, Special etc.


List View

Under Search Tools -> Detail/Summary -> Shows all records in Detail by default

List View

Under Search Tools -> Detail/Summary -> Select Summary to show all records in Summary. It groups working time per employee.