Attendance machines are the machines(computers) that will be used for the login/logout of the employees. Login and Logout takes place in the frontend of the extension.

An entry must be made in the system (by the super user or administrator) using the machine itself so that the static IP will be recorded. The static IP is the IP provided by the office or the company intranet server (or perhaps home router) where the machine(computer) is physically located in. The  Joomla administrator needs to get in Joomla backend using the machine and make an entry in the ‘Attendance Machines’ module. The Attendance machines module will grab the IP of the machine, which must be static. In this way the attendance machine becomes an Authorized machine for the attendance purposes. If the IP of an Authorised machine is dynamic, once changed, the system will not authorize any log in or log out.

Each machine title must be unique.


New Attendance Machine

Title : Enter the Attendance Machine Name (Description). Mandatory.

IP : IP is automatically retrieved. Mandatory. REQUIREMENT : The machine IP must be static.

Content : Enter text to describe the Attendance Machine. Not Mandatory.

Status : Select Whether status is Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.

Category : Attendance Machines -> Default Value that can change.

Featured : Select whether Featured or not

Access : Select whether Access is Public, Special etc.


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