Places an employee on a specific No of Day in the pattern, on a specific date.

All entries in the 'Employee to Pattern Line' having reference date 2017/02/11 have been manually inserted. Each employee is placed on 2017/02/11 on a no of day corresponding to his roster pattern. Using 'Roster Management' a roster starting from 2017/02/11 until 2017/02/18 has been inserted for all employees . Roster starting date must be the date that exists in the 'Employee to Pattern Line' so the system knows on which 'no of day', the employee belongs on 2017/02/11. Roster ending date can be any date after the 2017/02/11. When the roster from  2017/02/11 until 2017/02/18 is inserted, the system automatically inserts into the 'Employee to Pattern Line' the next roster new start date for all employees which will be 2017/02/19 and based on the pattern of the employee it automatically inserts the new no of day. Please see the List view below.

'Employee to Pattern Line' is a task that is only required once to set-up, then the Roster Management will do this automatically every time you insert a new roster. In the occasional case you are changing rosters, no of days will need to change to reflect new roster patterns, you can manually insert using the 'Employee to Pattern Line' the new starting date and new no of day for all the employees.


New Employee to Pattern Line

Reference Date : Enter the Reference Date. Mandatory. The value of the reference date must be the starting date of the roster you wish to create. Format is yyyy-mm-dd. 

Employee : Select an Employee from the drop-down list. Mandatory.

No of Day : Select a No of Day from the drop-down list. Mandatory.

Content : Enter text to describe the Employee to Pattern Line. Not Mandatory.

Status : Select Whether status is Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.

Category : Employee to Pattern Line -> Default Value that can change.

Featured : Select whether Featured or not

Access : Select whether Access is Public, Special etc.


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