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mePRO UcoScan runs in the backend and in the frontend of a Joomla 3 CMS. 

Frontend operation of Ucoscan is a demo of the Backend operation. It is the same operation as the backend but with some restrictions.




Execution time depends on the input domain and the number of published suffixes. The following PHP variales must be increased in php.ini

max_execution_time, memory_limit, max_input_vars

Installation options(1-4)

  1. If your site is running in Joomla 3 you may install the package and have the software running at once. 
  2. If your site is not running Joomla you can use our servers to run the software for a small annual fee. We will do all the set-up work for you. We will create a sub-domain on our servers and install Joomla 3, without any charge. Everything will be set-up for you within 24 hours.  Please provide your name at the time of the purchase. You will access the mePRO UcoScan at the link A private area and database on our servers provide each customer total and complete security and privacy.
  3. If you wish to have your own hosting, you will need to ask your host provider to create a sub-domain on your site and install Joomla. So you could be accessing  the mePRO UcoScan at the link
  4. Stand-alone installation. If you do not have a site at all you can install and use the mePRO UcoScan on your personal computer. 



Set up and use the mePRO UcoScan requires to follow links below (from Top to Bottom)


Installation of Joomla CMS 

Installation of MEPRO UcoScan Package 

Host mePRO Human Resource on our servers  (ONLY for installation option 2)


Back-end (Back end is an area mainly accessed by system super users, administrators, and managers)

Set Up

User Groups