Joomla provides different levels of security. You can set-up permissions in the Global Configuration, on the component itself, on the categories of the component, on the records.


Permissions in the Global Configuration.

Go to System -> Global Configuration.

For each user group you can set permissions on actions. Permissions are by default inherited by parent user groups but you can amend them according to your needs.


Permissions on the MEPRO Human Resource Component.

 Go to Components -> MEPRO Human Resource, and then select options.

You can set the permissions for each user group, like which user group can insert, delete, update records etc.


Permissions on the categories of the MEPRO Human Resource Component

 Go to Components -> MEPRO Human Resource -> MEPRO HR Control Panel -> Categories

Select a category i.e Absences

Here you can control what each user group can do on absences, i.e insert, delete, update, etc.


Permissions on the records of the MEPRO Human Resource Absences

Go to  MEPRO Human Resource -> Absences

Select an absence i.e Annual Leave

Here you can control what each user group can do on Annual Leave, i.e delete, edit, edit state.