1. Addition of field Employee/Supervisor in Front end and Backend Views as required. This field enables the user to query data referring to himself as an employee if the employee is selected, and to query data for himself along with all his subordinates if the supervisor is selected. This is a filtering field.(please see screenshot example)


2. Addition of filtering fields in front end and back end views as required. i.e. a field for employee to filter query results for a specific employee, a field for absence absence type, starting date, ending date  etc. (please see screenshot example)


Screenshot example


3. Addition of a front end menu item - Employee Rosters. Used to query Employee Roster.


4. Addition of field to calculate total attendance duration in hours and minutes, both in the front end and in the back end.


5. Changed HR Control Panel title to MEPRO HR Control Panel title.

6. Changed MEPRO HR Control Panel menu items as follows

Absence Plans -> Entitlement Plans

Absence Plan Structure -> Entitlement Plan Structure

Absence Plans to Categories -> Entitlement Plans assigned to Departments/Sections(Categories)

Yearly Management -> Employee Entitlements Yearly Management

Rosters to Categories -> Rosters assigned to Departments/Sections(Categories)

Employees to Days on Dates -> Employees assigned to Days on Dates

Roster Management -> Employee Roster Management

Employees to Titles -> Titles assigned to Employees

Positions to Categories -> Positions assigned to Departments/Sections(Categories)

Employees to Positions -> Employees assigned to Positions

Authorised Machines to Categories -> Authorised Machines assigned to Departments/Sections(Categories)